Shoulder and Neck Relief Massager – NM360

Relieve Your Shoulder and Neck Pain, Enjoy a Smart Life

  • Infrared therapy with heating massage

    Heating compress to stimulate cell vitality and activate skin tissue to smooth fine lines, wrinkles, fade spots, etc

  • Microcomputer control system with mobile bluetooth connection, easy to operate
  • APP customized health housekeeper

    Human-computer interaction with simple and fast settings. Health data will be stored in the cloud, easy to monitor physical condition at any time.

  • Health data management to monitor your physical condition at any time

    The massager monitors heart rate, blood pressure, heart activity, heart rate variability, body pressure, and mood in real time

  • High torque motor, vibration massage

    6 tapping massage modes, 3 adjustable intensities, Strong force creates a deep massage to focus on sore points

  • Wireless function, safe and reliable

    Built-in 2200mAh lithium battery for your relaxation at anytime, anywhere

  • Beautiful and fashionable appearance, light and portable
  • Color Options

    Silver Plating